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moving non-audio files to new folder


when using jaikoz, my workflow is the following:

  • fetch metadata
  • rename files based on metadata
  • rename folder based on metadata

it works fine, however, instead of renaming, Jaikoz actually create a new folder as per the pattern I’ve configured. The problem I have is that some files and folders are remaining in the old folder, and I have to manually move them to the new folder. These files are usually “cover” folders, logs, text files etc …
Is there a way to have these files automatically moved to the new folder?

If you have Preferences:Save:General:Move Associated Files enabled it should move associated files but not in they are within subfolders ( i did fix this recently in the in sister project Songkong)

I indeed have the option enabled, but as you mentionned it doesn’t move the subfolders and their contents.
Any chance to have that option added to Jaikoz?

An other approach would be to have the current folder renamed, instead of the files to be moved …

Either way, this feature would allow me to fully automate my workflow, so I vote for it :slight_smile:

It is certainly planned, just lack of time for all the things I want to do…

With the SongKong fix I did look at the rename folder idea, but of course it only works if all the songs have been fixed/matched and in the end it was quite difficult to incorporate such a change, but probably worth another go.

bump for this request :slight_smile:


any update on this long pending request? I’m using 9.3 and do not plan to buy upgrade unless this feature (that sounds pretty basic to me) is implemented. I’m not planning to buy songkong as it doesn’t fit my workflow, so I really hope Jaikox is fixing this issue.

Sorry, not yet.