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Moving Configurations to a different computer

When SongKong is first installed various configurations files are copied to the installation folder, when SongKong is first run installation is completed and this includes copying some configuration files to the configuration folder. From then on when you make changes to your settings those changes are made to the files in the configuration folder not the installation folder.

The configuration folder is platform dependent and uses the following standard locations

  • Windows, C:\Users\username\appdata\Roaming\SongKong
  • Linux, $HOME/.songkong
  • MacOS, Library:Preferences:SongKong
  • Docker, /songkong

The configuration files themselves are platform independent so can be for transferred (except for For example if you already had SongKong installed on Windows and had modified some of the profiles and had now installed on your NAS you could copy the profile files from C:\Users\username\appdata\Roaming\SongKong to the docker /songkong folder on your NAS.

The default profile is within a file called, other profile files are named where N starts at one.

Rename mask are available to all profiles and are stored in

The Genre grey list is stored in genrelist.txt

License details are stored in

Current gui settings are stored in, this file should not be transferred to a different computer.

None of the above files should be modified by hand

The list of classical composers used for identifying classical releases is classical_composers.txt, with conductors stored in classical_conductors.txt and everyone else in classical_people.txt . These can be modified by hand if necessary, there is currently no interface in SongKong itself for editing them.