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Move everything does not move everything

I had quite a few orphaned files

Every folder that had a file called artist.nfo was the only file left behind in that folder

Every subfolder that had a file called album.nfo was also left behind along with every .jpg in that folder. I can only assume that since album.nfo was left behind it skipped the .jpg files?

It appears songkong is skipping/ignoring .nfo files

At a minimum I would expect every single file moved out. But I would rather any file with the .nfo or .xml (songkong moved the xml just fine) extension to be deleted as these were created by an external program (in my case Emby/Plex) I would want that external program to be forced to recreate those files so the information they contain would get refreshed since songkong moved/updated those songs.

There was another file ‘type’ songkong did not move. Apparently if a file does not have an extension it doesn’t get moved/processed as well. As an example I had in a couple of folders a file called file_info that was left behind. Ideally any file songkong “finds” that does not contain a extension gets deleted -or- moved to a folder that informs the user they need to take action on those files. Example a folder songkong creates call USERACTION maybe?

Okay I just ran a simple test and the file was moved with everything else perhaps it is a permission problem, (there is certainly no special handling of .nfo files in the code) ?

Again, this is working working fine for me

I think if you replicate the issue, run Fix Songs on the folder and then run Create Support Files so I can have a look.

Xml files usually contain valuable data and it may not be possible to recreate the data, so for SongKong to just delete those files would be a very dangerous thing to do. Of course if you want to delete them all you can just search for .xml files in Windows Explorer and delete the files found.

I have sent you an example folder structure containing 2 files; 1 mp3 and 1 nfo. when you run songkong against it the nfo will not get move out; at least on mine and I have ran songkong at least 10 times on this combo .

Okay I understand the problem now

You had structure of the form

Artist Folder/Album Folder

the Album folder contained only the music files but the .nfo file was in the Artist Folder. So SongKong moved the songs from the Album folder to the new location, as it moved the last one it checks for any other files in the Album folder that still remained and as the folder was empty it could now delete the original Album folder. However it only then deletes the parent folder (the Artist folder) if it is empty, but it is not since it contains the .nfo folder. so it not deleted.

We do also delete the parent folder if empty or if it only contains:

images (.jpg, png, bmp, gif)

The first two can be created by Windows as required, we make an assumption about images that they will be artist or album images and since there are no longer any files/folders they are not required, and after all SongKong can usually create artist/album images.

We cannot really apply the same logic to .nfo since we cannot recreate those files and we cannot really move the .nfo file because we dont know what it is, it may have nothing to do with the album folder below it, the new rename mask may not even have an artist folder to move any artist files to, so I am not that we can safetly and reliably move files above the level of the music folder where the music files exist, possibly there is something we can do with them but I am not sure.

that was just a simplest example. As I mentioned above sub folders that had the file album.nfo also retain every .jpg that was in the folder.

As I had suggested earlier I would rather songkong just delete the .nfo and force whatever 3rd program that created it to re-create with valid/updated info

I modified your example and put an album.nfo and a jpg file in the album folder, but couldn’t replicate this problem, and it doesn’t make sense that this could possibly happen because everythig should just be moved at the album folder level.

And as I explained in my earlier reply - for SongKong to just delete files it doesnt understand would make no sense, since how do we know the file can be recreated.