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More questions concerning deletion of duplicate songs


ive got a lot of compilations where some songs were in compliation


what will happen if i start the deletion of duplicate songs?

For example i decide that Version A should stay and Version B C D should be deleted

what will be in those compliations where the deleted songs are?

will there be a placeholder in B C and D to use Version A, if i wanted to hear the whole ALBUM B or C or D or will there be nothing when normally the deleted song should play?

its not easy to explain my question in english but i hope you can understand my question

regards Odi

There are various options for deciding what is a duplicate, and these can take the album into account. So if you want to preserve your albums it would only delete song from A, if you multiple copies of the song in album A.

I give a real example, you have ripped two copies of Now Thats what I call Music II (I have this), so you have two copies of each song so when you run delete duplicate it would delete one copy,

But if you had only one copy, even if you also had The Works album which also had Radio Ga Ga as the first track no songs would be deleted because although same song they are on different albums.

But there is no option to have a placeholder, i.e to delete the song but keep some kind of link to another copy of the song, this is not a portable solution and would not work well in most circumstances.

Although it is from an older version of SongKong this video may help

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Ok those information will help much more than you think…
So it doesnt matter how many versions of
Dancing queen from Abba i got in different albums
It doesnt recognize it as a duplicate because of the fact of different album

Its one in the case when you got the same sone in the SAME album… i assume i understand this correctly

So thanks for your explaintations

Regards Odi

Yes, that is the case as long as you have Song is a duplicate if has same set to an option that includes album

But if you have set to an option that only considers song but not album, then it would work the other way.