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I’m waiting with great anticipation! Genres isn’t very helpful when you want to make a playlist for lets say relaxing or moving around. I would like to know what the classification is and when we are going to get in Jaikoz. A general discussion would be nice too.

HI Mike the best thing to do is look at and see the measures they currently have, and then you could chat on the #musicbrainz irc channel.

I havent started work on Moods in Jaikoz yet.

so there are 8 moods?

Mood - electronic\tunsure\t0.527
Mood - party\tunsure\t0.550
Mood - aggressive\tnot aggressive\t0.888
Mood - acoustic\tacoustic\t0.997
Mood - happy\thappy\t0.749
Mood - sad\tsad\t0.869
Mood - relaxed\trelaxed\t0.769
Mood - mirex method