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Moods tagging extremely

I bought Songkong to add Moods to my songs, so I could shuffle “Relax” mood, and have a queue of relaxing music, no matter the genre…
Tagging the mood field did not bring me any further, Tagging an album of “De La Soul” as Extremely Depressed"???
And also too many choices.

They do need an overhaul.

But if you can find some that match what you call relaxing then you could use Auto Edit to mass find and replace on the Mood field.

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They, Is that some organisation or website?
Can we do requests there?

I mean I need to do an overhaul, the metrics provided by MusicBrainz are numerical alongside two axis, then the labels are based on the values, but I can change the labels.

But also I think MusicBrainz are going to move towards more qualitive descriptions based on user labels rather than numerical values based on mathematical acoustic analysis.