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Mood tagging

Hello i use Jaikoz a long time, but i wonder why are there new features in Songkong and not in Jaikoz.
Jaikoz was there first.
I tried Songkong but i don’t like it, so i stick with Jaikoz.
I need Mood tagging, so i will look further.
You prommised Mood tagging in Jaikoz by the end of januari, but it’s there not jet
And Songkong keeps comming with updates. :?

Sorry Andre I did plan to add mood tagging to Jaikoz but there’s currently more interest in SongKong and I needed to get these improvements done first, but rest assured that support for Mood tagging will comes to Jaikoz By the end of March.

I’ve been waiting for moods tagging, too!




This is taking FOREVER!

Its now done, Jaikoz 9