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Mood Tagging is VERY disappointing (database is incorrect IMO)

Title says all. Any idea if it will improve over time?

Hi, title doesnt really say it all at all, in what way is it disappointing ?

But yes both coverage and accuracy will improve over time.

you answered my question: coverage and accuracy are very low. which begs the question: if in a near future accuracy improves but my songs are tagged inaccurately now, will these tags be changed by songkong? also, do you know of any textual description of these mood tags? thank you very much for your time.

I didnt say they were very low, just that they would increase.

But the MOOD field should contain a textual tag so Im unclear what you mean.

What I’m trying to say is that I do not find the moods’ description to match my perception of the songs. For example, A Little Bit of Shhh (Smallstars remix) by Lady Sovereign is tagged Extremely calm. You can listen to it yourself on you tube. Is it a problem of accuracy, or is calm supposed to be like that?

And on the other hand You’ll Rock by LL Cool J is Very excited. Please can you elaborate on this?

Its a a value plotted against Energy and Valence, please take a look at