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Modifying SongKong translations with Languish on OSX

SongKong is fully internationalized but sometimes it is difficult to find the correct translation. For example in English we sometimes use ‘Album’ and sometimes ‘Release’ to indicate the general concept of ‘Album’,‘E.P’,‘Single’ and this distinction can be difficult to translate especially because words like release have multiple meanings.

If you are encountering some poor translations and want it fixed, this is quite simple to do no programming skills are required and you will receive an acknowledgement in SongKong.

Below is a example using Polish as the translation to correct.

Make a copy of properties files in SongKong:

  1. In Finder cntl-click on /Applications/SongKong and select Show Package Contents
  2. Open Contents folder
  3. Cntl-Click lang folder and select Copy from menu
  4. Navigate to your Documents folder and select Paste to make a copy of the folder

Install Languish:

  1. Download from and and mount languish-osx.dmg
  2. Drag Languish to Applications Link
  3. Start Languish from Applications folder

Modify Translations:

  1. From the Dialog select Open Resource File, then select from within the lang folder within your Documents folder (it is currently not possible to open the lang folder within SongKong package itself using Languish)
  2. It will then list all the languages that have been translated, select only the Polish Locale, this will load all the properties key with their (Default) English in the first column and the Polish value in the next column
  3. You can now type in the values as required and correct the values, you don’t have to supply every value to use the file.
    11.One thing to be careful of is some of the values contain parameters, these are of the form {0}.{1},{2}… You must ensure the same number of parameters are passed to the Polish language strings in order for it to be correct.
  4. You can save changes with select File/Save option

Use Modified Files:

  1. You now need to copy the back from Documents/lang to /Applications/
  2. Now if you start SongKong it will start using the new values in the Polish properties file that you just modified
  3. Note if a value doesn’t exist it in the Polish column it will use the default (English) value instead.
  4. Please email with the amended file from Documents/lang ( for Polish) when you are happy with it and I will add it to the next release and add your name to the SongKong acknowledgements window.

thanks Paul