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Missing Tracks, why not display them?

I know this is a painful topic but you seem to be almost at the point where it should be possible.
When “FIXING SONGS” is used and after completion the HTML Report is made available it shows for example under section “Songs Matched” 33 songs matched of 35 songs on release -
Now my question: If you are already able to establish that 33 Songs of a 35 songs release are matched why not then also show the missing songs in all there glory (all info, title, length, etc) - the hard work seems to be done, how difficult could it be do it?

Maybe I am just asking for to much but I think to it is an important feature and would enrich the program which already is good.

Cheers Thomas

Hi Thomas.

Yes we added Add Incomplete/Complete album filter for Matched to MusicBrainz/Discogs in last release to make it easier to find MusicBrainz and Discogs albums that had not been completely matched and we plan to improve it further.

But I hadn’t really though of displaying the missing tracks.

There is one small problem the list of tracks shows what is displayed in the file rather than the matching release. So here to show the problem I have used MetaGrater task to remove the Artist field, so then when I run a Status Report task

and look at the release not fully matched, the Artist column is empty even though the matching release does have a value for artist.

However, for most customers this would be irrelevant because these fields would be updated from the matching MusicBrainz or Disocgs release. Secondly since this is showing the match to MusicBrainz/Discogs I think this is probably a bug and it should always show the value from MusicBrainz/Discogs not the song.

Now for implementation do you think it is best to list missing tracks at end , or show tracks in track order with something to indicate the ones that are missing ?

What do you think ?

Hey Paul,

thanks for getting back so swiftly. With regards to where, I think in track order and maybe highlighted would be more than sufficient. But I im only one maybe others have good arguments for a different approach.

For me in the first place would be sufficient just know that are tracks missing and which. That way you can cut out all those additional steps you have now.

You see I also experienced in some rare cases that in fact no track where missing, but the release chosen against the available tracks was a different one. i.e. country specific, bootleg etc.

Maybe some more people will reply to post share there opinion. I think that feature would add value, as per now only “BEETs” offers this.

Cheers Thomas

What do you mean by that ?

Sorry, additional steps for the user. Such as going to release in question on discogs/musicbrainz. Compare your actual release with the discogs/musicbrainz release see which track(s) are missing.

Thats what I mean, I hope that makes sense.

Yes, make sense okay I have raised

Thank you very much!
Cheers Thomas