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Missing Lyrics in the newest Jaikoz

I stumble upon something strange in the latest version of Jaikoz.
I know that some files of Fleetwood Mack have lyrics .
Checked this with Kid 3 and Lyrics Finder , but with Jaikoz those fields remain empty strong text

I assume the files use the ID3 format (Mp3, Wav, Aif) in this case there are two different lyrics fields, unsynchronized lyrics and synchronized Lyrics. The Lyrics field in Jaikoz is mapped to unsynchronized lyrics

-Open Jaikoz
-Enable View Show ID3 tabs
-Go to ID3 Edit Tab
-Ensure the Lyrics, Not Supported List and Unknown List are diasplayed
-I suspect the missing lyrics will be found in the Not Supported List field

I had take a look with Kid3 nto the song and there is a field Songtext with the text i it
But Jaikoz do not show uo
Lyrics nor
Not supported list
Unknow list

Okay try clicking on the User Defined Info field, might be able to see there.