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Minimizing count of duplicate songs

There are a lot of redundancies in my large music collection.
I am considering whether Songkong is the right tool for my project.
Eliminating duplicate albums is certainly quite easy. But I’m not sure how to minimize the redundancies regarding songs. There are two main questions for me:

  1. I want to eliminate all duplicates of a song no matter in which context (album, sampler or single) this exists. An example of this is “Paint it black” by the Stones. Only the best quality recording should remain. Is this possible with Songkong?
  2. In extension of question 1, not only the consideration of TITLE and ARTIST should be compared, but also the length of the title. The aim here is to distinguish extended versions from normal versions. I would consider differences in title length of up to 10 seconds to be the same.
    With live recordings, however, it seems even more difficult to differentiate. How can this task be answered with Songkong?

Yes, set Duplicate If to Same song (Metadata Only) and Sounds the Same to find songs that sound the same, this should not allow extended versions to match or live to match studio recording. On Advanced Criteria ensure top criteria is Highest Bit Depth and then Highest Quality Audio Format Audio so in case of duplicates it keeps the best quality version and discards the other versions.

Thank you for your quick answer.
How can I ensure that duplicates in the entire collection are minimized?
If I add 15 new songs, I don’t want to re-index the already processed collection of 1 million songs. Or is it mandatory to re-index the entire collection in this case?
How do I exclude redundancies if I have distributed the collection over two servers?

When you run Delete Duplicates as soon as it finds two files are duplicates it deletes the one with the least preferred deletion criteria (i.e lowest audio quality), so it deletes as goes along you don’t have to wait for all songs to be processed before it starts deleting.

Having said that, if you add even 1 new song then the only way to check if duplicate would be If compared with the other million, I don’t see any other way to do it.

If want to check for duplicates over two servers you would need to remote mount one drive so one server could see both folders, then run SongKong from there and select both folders.