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Meta data and file structure

I have just downloaded the 10.1.2 Moose release and have a question.

How do I set up preferences to give me the ability to correct meta-data from files that I have structured using the following format?


Hi, if you set Preferences:File and Folder Correct:Correct Metadata from Filename:Rename Mask to %trackno%-%title% and then run Action:File and Folder Correct:Correct Metadata from Filename that should do what you want.

Yes, I tried that but it didn’t work. It refused to read the file name.

Try shutting Jaikoz, reopening and retrying I think there maybe some sort of caching issue when you change this mask.

Hi Paul, I did as suggested and it did not help. See attached. Thanks

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Okay it worked for me so maybe you could email an example file over and I will retest to see if I can get it working.

Is there any update? Thank you

Sorry, Im on holiday for a week, will have to look at this when I get back.

At first I would uncheck Only populate fields if empty.
If that doesn’t help I would try to change some files to track# - name
and use the mask %trackno% - %title% and try again.
This mask works for me all the time.
good luck.

Hi, okay there are two issues

  1. The files you gave me have a space before the hyphen (e.g 09 -Waltz in d minor Op.39.) so the Rename mask should be %trackno% -%title% not %trackno%-%title% (note the space to the left of the hyphen)

  1. However there is a bug that means changes to the Correct Metadata from Filename Rename Mask will not take affect until you restart Jaikoz, I have raised a bug and fixed for next release -

So in the meantime you need to modify your rename mask, then restart Jaikoz and then it should work for you.

Now fixed in Jaikoz 11.0.4 Tad released June 7th 2021

Hi Paul, I updated to the latest 11.0.6 and have run into the same problem again. When using the rename file from meta data and rename meta data from file I want a Track-Title format. I tried to change the Filename masks but it keeps using then AlbumArtistorArtist - Album - Track - Title. Appreciate your help. Thanks Carl

Hi , they are two different things - the filename masks you mention are for Rename file from metadata, but for Rename metadata from file you need to modify the Rename Mask field on the File and Folder Correct:Correct Metadata from Filename tab

Hi Paul,
This seems to work but Renaming the file from metadata is where I am having a problem. See attached. Thanks

Whatever is set as the Rename Mask is what will actually be used when file renaming, in your case this is Track-Title mask

The Filename masks drop down is just a list of all the available masks, and allows you to edit or delete masks