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Melco (N1 Mk I, N1 Mk II) 3.92 Firmware Internet Update now available

Melco (N1 Mk I, N1 Mk II) 3.92 Internet Update now available and this then allows SongKong to be installed from Melco front panel (OLED).

Update Firmware (N1 Mk I, N1 Mk II)

  1. Check value of System Update from the Melco OLED says 3.92 or later
  2. If it is earlier than 3.92 select 5>System Update menu
  3. Select Internet from System Update to allow firmware update

Installation Instructions

SongKong can easily be installed from the Front Panel OLED

  1. Select Settings/Music Database/SongKong/Install SongKong from the Melco OLED
  2. Select OK when prompted to Install SongKong
  3. The OLED will say Install in Progress, wait a few minutes for SongKong to download and install SongKong
  4. Select OK when OLED says SongKong was Installed
  5. Select Settings/Music Database/SongKong/SongKong Service
  6. Set to On
  7. After first install please wait 5 minutes before trying to access SongKong