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Melco lite fix data limitations

Hi can you please explain the limitations of the fix data capability in Melco lite. Thanks

Hi, with Melco Lite only some metadata fields (e.g Label not added) are added and you cannot modify the options in the 3 preset profiles )i.e you cant decide whether or not to add (HD) to the album name). Also Melco Lite does not support Delete Duplicates

I have create a table that summarizes the differences -

Thanks but still very confused about the actual functionality that is provided. For example, status report does not show what will actually be changed if you run fix file eg Rolling Stones, the ,changed to the Rolling Stones when you run the fix files. THe guide produced does not provide a full indication of the functionality provided in the Melco life I would suggest.

Hi, Status Report shows what is currently in your files, to see what would be changed by Fix Songs without changing anything just run Fix Songs with Preview Only checkbox enabled.

Great, thanks.