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Maximum number of tracks

I know this is a somewhat subjective question, but how many tracks can I load into Jaikoz at one time (I only expect an estimate or guess for an answer)? I’m using a Mac with 32G of RAM and would like to load tens of thousands of tracks at one time. Why? I want to use “Export” to create a file of all my audio ID3 metadata tags. I have LOTS of duplicate files and will take the exported tags and run the thru csvsql to create a SQL import file. Once in a database, I can figure out which files to delete. Yes, I have tried using a spreadsheet, but I have too much data for it to load into the spreadsheet programs I have.

I would say 20,000 would be fine, but you may be able to do a lot more, just try it as Jaikoz will warm you if running out if memory.

Thanks Paul,

I tried loading a large number but it got to around 7000 and just sat there a while (5 minutes) and I canceled it. I’ll try again but give it more time.

It worked! 46K tracks. Took an hour or two, I din’t time it, just started it and walked away. “top” shows 2.4G of memory used by Jaikoz.

The first time it loads the files it has to read all the metadata from the files and store in its internal database, subsequent loads of files can read directly from database (if they have not been modified since). In the bottom right hand corner of Jaikoz it will say something like 1025 Mb of 16,000 Mb, the first number is how much (heap) memory Jaikoz is actually using, the second number is the maximum it is allowed to use if it needs to.