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Matching an album with an existing discos album doesn't tag all the available data

hi Paul,

I’m trying to match an album to the existing discos release. it works but jaikoz doesn’t put all information available in the discogs release:

Dicosgs release id: [r17809399]

As you can see the title is missing the main name of the work (only the names of the movements),
The artist and the main artist fields are tagged with the name of the composer even though the artist names are available in the discogs release.

Is there anyway you can help me with that?



Hi Michael

Unfortunately the Discogs datafeed is not as well structured as the MusicBrainz feed, there is nothing to indicate that these subtitles are works, and Wolfgang Mozart is marked as the album artist on the release, and there are no track artists only particular roles (conductor/orchestra) at track level.

Because of this Jaikoz only identify classical releases when matched on MusicBrainz rather than Discogs, however it should be possible to do this to some degree for Discogs as well and there are some other improvements I would like to make Discogs Classical music parsing.

But for now the Classical specific features are limited to MusicBrainz matches.