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Matching Albums?

Hello World,

Question: Is there a way of determine if an album has all the required tracks?

Jaikoz is able to identify duplicates, but I cannot see it actually flagging when a track(s) is missing. Maybe I am just a bit slow but I have not been able to managed finding such option as yet.I just noticed again that for whatever reason an album did not copy completely, it did assessment and No warning or errors.
Now if Jaikoz would do its assessment correctly against an album and it does find duplicates (even if that is a different process) it sure should be able to identify that if the albums should have 11 tracks and it in the reality their are only 9 tracks? It does not have to tell which tracks are missing (would be nice) but at least flag that their is a discrepancy between the albums compared.

I hope this makes somewhat sense, I do like to go off in tangents. :shock:

Thanks THomas

Hi Thomas

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Yes Jaikoz has a List Missing Songs for Albums report under the Reports menu that should do what you want.

Hey Paul,

I am sorry for been impatient, but I am working on my mp3 library for some time. Maybe my mistake is using to many tools to achieve the desired result.
I have been using SongKong and the post was supposed to be for SongKong, but I also have a Jaikoz License and I use a few competitors tools.
I guess I give Jaikoz a go, I bought a license I might as well make of it.

But from your answer can I conclude that this feature is not available in SongKong?

Cheers Thom,as

HI Thomas no its not currently available in SongKong, but it is in Jaikoz.