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Match Songs to Specified Album

How can I get SongKong (running headless on Linux v 8.10 Pro) to match to a particular MusicBrainz release? It keeps coming up with something silly.

There would be related questions – like how to tell SongKong “When matching, ONLY look at USA CD Releases”, that kind of thing. But for now…


It is not currently possible.

The initial idea of SongKong was that you would run it over your whole library, and it that situation it is not sensible to check/select each match.

But I know a number of customers just use SongKong one album at a time so the top priority new feature is a single album matcher that you can use to match a group of songs to one (specified) album.

OK, thank you. I fixed it up with Picard.

What SongKong was matching to in my particular case was a cassette release and getting the tracks wrong versus the CD. I bet the “release filter” idea would be enough within SongKong’s intended use-case.

These days I do all my ripping with Automatic Ripping Machine, which occasionally has similar problems. I’d been using SongKong as a tag editor/renamer because it was there. It sounds like what I really want is headless Jaikoz.

SongKong is headless Jaikoz - but Picard isn’t headless so if you fixed with Picard you could have fixed with Jaikoz. But SongKong with the single album feature would work for you.

I don’t think the idea of only allowing match to USA CD’s would work that well because too often would lead to no matches because there was only a worldwide CD, or UK CD or US Digital release in database that would usually be fine but was disallowed because of criteria. But you can already have it prefer US CD releases.

Perhaps you could run Create Support Files because I’m suprised that SongKong is matching wrong tracks, whilst it may not always matched first choice album it should only match album with all tracks matched correctly.

I think it’d be hard to reproduce at this point. I’ll keep my eyes open.

I think what happened is one or two of the FLAC files were corrupt, and that caused(?) a match to a cassette version. Not sure.

Okay thx for taking a look that makes more sense.