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Match albums to total local track#'s


This is something I have mentioned before, but believe it might be worth mentioning again.

When jaikoz is set to match a single album by folder, it would be nice if jaikoz would first consider the total amount of songs within that folder before applying any additional matching values.

For example, I may have an album that there are over a few dozen releases available for it in the release group on musicbrainz. My album may have only 13 tracks in the folder. It would be nice if jaikoz would first take that into consideration and first try to narrow down its search results to the releases that have only 13 tracks in them, before applying other values like release date, release country, media type, etc. Then if it can not find a match there, expand to any release size.

I have all the preferred matching options left to empty, and i still find that jaikoz will typically match around 8% of tracks to the correct release group but to the wrong release. Which then makes those albums all show up as missing tracks in the report as they are matching it to the ones that have the greater amount of tracks, instead of matching it to an album that has only those songs in the release group.

I find this is far more important to me than having jaikoz put higher values on media type, release type, release date, or release country. Working on a few hundred albums at a time that come from multiple sources can match many different criteria and I can’t really put predefined preferences in the options.

Do you want it just to prefer or reject outright albums that dont match the number of tracks you have ?

Ideally a bit of both, first to try to match to only the same number of tracks, and if there is not a match there, then to try to match to any of the releases in the release group using jaikoz current options and factors.

If that is not an option, then I guess the Reject option, so i can go back after and find out why it is not being matched. If it is because musicbrainz is missing the release, or if it is because i am missing tracks.