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Mask Editing - Smart Length Limit/Truncate

It will have trackno if has been matched by Songkong

That last screenshot was from Discogs to provide an example of how I want it sorted.

Thank you. I didn’t know a track number would be always inserted when matched.

I would still have to go in and manually edit the trackno if the song did not match to a correct track/album/disc. But that is infinitely more simple than trying to create a JS mask to correctly name files upon match with hardly any JS experience.

Im sorry I really think I have answered this question a few times now I can’t see how to explain it to you any more simply. Most of the existing masks will correctly sort by trackno.

Well, there was more than 1 question which contributed to the confusion created by my inability to understand what you mean when you write your answers. The answers that were given did not solve the problem so I kept asking for clarification.

What we have here is a failure to communicate.

I think the trouble is you were asking me quite advanced and very specific questions without really understanding the basics. So me answering these questions didn’t help you much with the underlying problem.