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Manual Match MusicBrainz Suggestions

Reposting this from the help thread as requested. Please consider adding these features to the manual match w/MusicBrainz procedure, either via preferences or a dialog before manual match runs:

  • set a minimum match score and have it auto-select the highest score match above that threshold

  • set a minimum match score and have it skip any song without at least one match above that score

  • not display songs with no possible match at all; just skip them

  • set a minimum match score for options to show in the select window. If there are a few matches above 90 (or whatever threshold I want to set) I don’t need to see the ones that score much lower as they are always wrong.

Those are just some suggestions I have to make the manual match process go faster with less scrolling and clicking. Thanks again for your help and the great tool.