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"Manual Correct Metadata from MusicBrainz" not working properly


with the latest version 11.0.6 of jaikoz, when I perform a “Manual correct metadata from MB” for a bunch of selected tracks, the right-click-option “Match Songs to Selected Release” shows up, but it doesn’t do anything. I have to select the preferred release for every single track by myself. Is this is known issue?

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Hi, just tried it and works for me okay

this is starting point

I then matched track 2 (3rd track because counts from zero) to Extreme Rarities album

Then right clicked on that release and selected Match Songs to Selected Release and now any other tracks that had Extreme Rarities listed as a potential match now have that selected (tracks 4 and 8)

So I wonder if there is just something in the user interface that is confusing you?

That’s what I expected to happen, but it doesn’t in my case. In the previous jaikoz version I had, this worked like a charm. Maybe something went wrong during the update. I’ll try to reinstall jaikoz at some point.

Okay I tested it on the latest version so maybe try reinstall but I don’t see how a dodgy install would just break this. I suggest you try again and if still doesn’t work post some screenshots to show the issue, and if this shows a problem you can send me the specific music files for me to try here, if I can reproduce the issue then I can fix the issue.

We recently found the issue and now fixed in Jaikoz 11.1.0 Hole released 3rd March 2022