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Manual correct metadata column order not saving

Running Jaikoz 11.0.5.
Most of the time I use the Manual correct metadata from Musicbrainz option to find the correct match with my song which works fine.
But, for me at least, the column order in the manual correct window is not what I would like and what it was in v10 and before.
I can change the column order by dragging the columns but I can not seem to “save” this new order. Every time I start a new manual correct, the columns are in their default positions again.

Am I missing something here? Is there an other way/place to do this?

You are correct, it is a regression in Jaikoz 11 due to the big changes that were made to preferences, have raised and will fix for next release.

Fixed in Jaikzo 11.0.6 Battles released July 8th 2021