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Manual correct from MB not being applied - What am I doing wrong?

I am sure I am doing something wrong here but I cannot see what.
I have a two CD set (alternative eighties). Out of the 39, I apparently have 38, there’s one track missing which I suspect has been misfiled elsewhere and I’ll find that later (Icicle works).
When auto-tagging Jaikoz gets confused and decides to pick two different releases (one for disk 1 the other for disk 2), that’s fine, I select both and try to match a specified MB release. It fails to match (see my previous query relating to acoustid throwing a spanner in the works), I delete all the acoustids and \o/ it matches.
Except, bizarrely, one track is left with weird mismatched metadata.
Any number of “autocorrect from MB” attempts either to that track or the whole set, fail to get them to agree.

I use the “manual correct from MB” option. Sure enough, it pops up a list of options, and we can see that, for reasons that aren’t entirely clear, a rogue recording is being scored higher. I select the one that I want and hit OK. Nothing changes.

Here is a clip showing this. I can of course manually hack all the data but I doubt this is the only problem I will face in this process so I’d love to work out what I am doing wrong.

Any clues as to what I am missing here are very welcome.

Ugh! I think I got it. @paultaylor this may be a bug, it may be expected behaviour and I’m just confusing myself. It seems that the issue is caused by a mismatched selection; or perhaps more correctly, that the album view is not synchronising the selection shown when you change tab.

Notice at the start of the clip I am on the MB tab, and I have row 525 selected. That was presumably a misclick at some point as it refers to The Fall’s “There’s a ghost in my house”. Then I click back to the album view. Notice that 526 is now selected, this is the correct “expected” row matching with “The Clash”. Right Clicking and selecting manual update clearly sends the right query. and “appears” to work, it shows the appropriate track in the list of options. It fails to apply it though, presumably because at this point it goes back to the “selection” and finds that it is not remotely the same?

If I repeat the process, but this time make sure that I de-select and re-select the correct track then it all works as expected.

It shouldn’t matter what you have selected on first tab, if you have something different on 2nd tab and run Manual Match on that then it will work on that record and update that record. I have just tried this out myself and it worked fine so I don’t understand why you are seeing what you are seeing, perhaps retry.