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Losing contents of a field when I switch away from J and then come back

Press the play icon, go to VLC ( my preferred “just checking something” player ) and come back to Jaikoz and the field I had highlighted (usually the song’s title) immediately before pressing the play icon immediately blanks in front of my eyes as Jaikoz regains the computer’s focus

I wasn’t going to raise this, however I’ve been using Jaikoz now across three different MacBook Pros and innumerable Jaikoz updates and this behaviour remains from the very early days.

It wouldn’t be a problem usually, because hitting ⌘Z will bring the now empty field’s contents back, but lately I’ve been doing a lot of updating and ⌘Z brings back the contents as they were last saved …

That is, you’ve lost your edits. It is my experience that this doesn’t happen every time you perform the following

  1. Highlight a song’s title
  2. Play the song
  3. Go back to Jaikoz
  4. The song’s field you had highlighted is now blank

I tried this on MacOS (and Windows) and I cant replicate this currenlty although it does seem possible.

When you say highlight, do yoiu mean you have selected the whole field (so it is blue) or that you have double clicked so it is now in edit mode with cursor at the end of the field?

Why are you selecting that field, is that in order to play the song?

You could also select the rowno field (far left) and right-click to Play.

I just click once in a cell then click the ‘Play’ icon. Whilst the song is playing I wander off the other Tabs to finish tasks and when I come back to the (usually) ‘Info’ Tab the cell is still highlighted (not in Edit Mode) but blank.

This happens more than 50% of the time. The highlighted cell is usually in the ‘filename’, ‘Artist’ or ‘Album’ column. But I do not see if this happens in these columns, it wouldn’t happen for ALL rows.

Do you want me to make a short video showing you what I mean…?? As I’ve said, this has been happening for the best part of the last ten years.

Yes, video would be helpful, you’ll have to email it me (I think won’t be allowed to upload to forum)