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Loosing Music app playback counter value after re-tagging


within the Music app on my iMac I am using the tag „playback counter“ which shows me how often I have played a specific title. Music app is increasing this counter every time I played a song.

Recently I tagged a few albums which are already in music app new with Jaikoz and saved them and I figured that I lost the playback counter value. Is the playback counter tag supported by Jaikoz? If so, how can I make this tag visible within Jaikoz? And last but not least how can I avoid loosing this value of this tag when I tag complete albums again with Jaikoz?

Thanks for your support.

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Hi, so iTunes stores its playcount internally in its database so modifications to the file in Jaikoz should not affect this. However if when you save the file in Jaikoz it is unable to find the file already existing within the iTunes library and therefore adds it as a new file to iTunes then iTunes will treat as a new file with playcount of zero.

Do you have two copies of each file now listed in iTunes ?

No, I don’t have two copies of each file. Let me investigate a little further