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Limit number of names or size in artist fields?

I have some songs that are a compilation of multiple artists, and when I do autocorrect, all their names are in the artist &/or album artist fields.

Since I want the artist in both the file name and the sub folder, this becomes an issue with pathnames that are way to long.

How can I handle this?

Can I restrict the number of artists on a song? Possibly restrict the number of characters in an artist field?

Any thoughts?

Also, in a related question, I want just the composer as the artist for classical music. Is this possible?

Thanks for the help,

You can modify the filename mask to shorten any value used using substring() function. But it seems a better approach would be to not not include artist in the filename part, and just use a more minimal trackno-title

The only problem with that approach is that my car only shows the file name. I’d like to know who sings the song as well as the name of the song.

I’s also like to have the composer instead of the performer for the classical music.

Thanks for the quick response!

There are options on the Format tab to just store main (album) artist rather than featured artists.

Then if you have your rename mask for the filename ordered trackno, title, artist then you can always read title in your car even if artist field is long.

Do you want composer as track artist or album artist?

You can set Track Artist to Composer using the Track Artist option on the Composer tab

But there is no option to set the Composer as the Album Artist, we basically take the Album Artist from what is set on MusicBrainz. Although we do have an option to do the opposite of what you want and Remove the Composer From Album Artist, this is because unless current composer the composer usually has no input into the creation of the album, instead performers/conductors/orchestras have simply decided to record music from the composer and create an album.