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License removal from computer I no longer have access to


I recently installed an old version of Jaikoz and still have my original pro license.jai file which works fine. When I downloaded and updated to the new version (11.6.2) I get a pop up box saying the license is currently being used on 2 other computers? I’ve tried uninstalling and re-installing the software but I still get the error. As I purchased the license many years ago it was installed on an old computer. How do I remove the license file from computers I no longer have access to so I can register it with my current computer?


Hi, I can reset this for you but I need the email address that Jaikoz is registered to because I checked the one you are using on the forum and there is no license registered to it.

Hi Paul,

Thankyou for such a speedy response. I cannot remember as it was a long time ago but the email for registration must be either ************** or ***************. I still have my license.jai file.

Many thanks,

Hi, its neither of those, it should say email address on the Jaikoz title bar. If you cannot see it you can send your license.jai file to support at

(Ive removed your email addresses in previous post to prevent spammers picking them up)

Hi Paul,

Thankyou. I can see the email address on the top bar… I will email my license file to the email address you noted.

Thankyou again.

Hi if you can see email address just need to tell me it.

Hi, sorry for delay, busy weekend.

Okay so the message was misleading, the issue was actually that your license is missing from database for some reason. I have found original license purchased in 2017 and added to database, however this license is not valid for 11.6.2 unless you have valid version updates, this can be purchased at smal cost from

Hi Paul,

Many many thanks for your help in resolving. Its been awhile since I used Jaikoz so didn’t realize the issue with updates but understand now. It is now working fine with the older version that I had originally and I will check out the newer version features also.