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License problem after update

Just updated to Radiohead version and Jaikoz now says my update period has expired, although I only recently renewed my subscription. Only runs in read-only mode. Help.

Hi, checked your license and it is valid for Radiohead release so either:

  • You haven’t restarted Jaikoz since purchasing version updates
  • You have two licenses, and updated the wrong one, does the email address on the Jaikzoi title bar match the email address yo are using on the forum ?
  1. Have restarted multiple times
  2. Only have 1 license (on two macs - 2nd mac works) Same email as here in forum.

Hmm, I can see the server is receiving expiryDate of 2023-03-23 but then saying its invalid when clearly is not, sorry Im out for rest of day but I will try my best to work out what is the problem here as soon as i can.

Seems to have sorted itself. Working fine again.

Okay great, no idea what happened there.