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License not delivered

I just was wondering if my license key was lost in the mail. I just registered today, but I assumed I’d get the license pretty quickly. Checking in this forum, it looks like you’re having persistent deliverability issues. I was wondering if my license bounced back along with the others here.

My email domain is

Hi, I checked and it was sent to same email address as you have used on this forum, I have just resent from support instead of sales, do you have it now?

Yes, I received it. I just looked in spam and your other message ended up there. Looking at the headers, it looks like you need to update your SPF record.

Received-Spf: permerror ( Error in processing SPF Record) client-ip=;;;

I looked at your SPF record and it’s got too many IP addresses in the includes, so it’s failing from that IP.

Hilariously, I was in the middle of troubleshooting something similar for my day job.

Thanks, not an area I know anything about though, any idea why it would have multiple ipadresses?

That happens with SPF records sometimes. To fix it, check out for some suggestions.

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