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License missing in SongKong 9.02

Hello Paul,

Songkong 9.02 is still showing as Lite even although I have purchased a two year license as per the invoice number as shown below. Please help at your earliest so that i can use the software.

Many Thanks,

Walter Duddy.

Invoice# is 172891194

HI, it should be fine the extension has been applied to your license, you need to restart SongKong after purchasing update. If still not working please pm a screenshot.

Hello Paul as you can see from the screen photo I am still having a problem.

Many thanks for yor help.

Hi Walter, I think I know what has happened.

I can see from screenshot no license is installed, unfortunately there was a bug in initial version of SongKong 9 that could remove existing license. You just need to go into File:Update License and re-enter your license details then it should all be fine.

Hello Paul, couldn’t get it to work but purchased a pro. license and now it works great. Many thanks for your help.

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