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License key not found

Hi there. I cannot find the original license sent to me when i purchased it. I want to activate the program on my second pc. Can you please help?

My Invoice ID is 152585003.


Is this for Jaikoz or SongKong ?

This is for Jaikoz, please.Appreciate it

You can use the Reorder License option on the Shop page, or alternatively search for a license.jai file on your old computer and copy over to new computer.

Thanks. Does the Reorder option cost me again? I don’t have access to my old PC


It only costs £5, this is to cover the administrative time of recovering the license. Before we introduced this fee we had a lost of customers requesting lost licenses when they had the license sitting on their computer and it was taking up too much support time.

Hi, before i do that. Can you tell me from what email address the original license was sent? Im going to try and locate it as i do not have access to my old pc anymore.


That is what the £5 is for, hunting down the license which often is different to email address provided by user. It is really up to use you to look after license but I will find and resend if you purchase Reorder License