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Left Hand Column Meaning?

Hi; my first post, so I hope I’m not raising a topic that has been covered a hundred times before… :grinning:.
What is the meaning/purpose of the left hand column in the Jaikoz Edit/Info panel, and why do its numbers differ from the track numbers? When I open files in Jaikoz, by default they sort by this LH column number, not by track number, so I need to then click the Track Number header to display the tracks in appropriate order. Is there any way to synchronise the LH column with track numbers?
The screenshot below shows the discrepancy between track numbers and the LH column; any advice will be appreciated.

The first column is simply the record number indicating the order files are loaded into Jaikoz. This should match the order if you sort the files by Filename. It doesn’t seem to in your case but the full filename is based on Base Folder + Sub Folder + Filename , I cannot see the first two columns but maybe they differ?

Thanks Paul, that makes sense, as I had processed some files separately and had left them sitting in the folder sorted in a different order, and this must be the order in which they were loaded.