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Launching SongKong on a Linux system

I was quite surprised after installing SongKong on my Linux desktop that it didn’t set itself up with a launcher, integrated into the menu system. I found it tiresome, every time I wanted to run SK, to have to open a terminal, cd to the songkong folder and run the script.

I’m a user, not a developer, so I asked for help on one of the forums and now I have an icon for SongKong in my Applications menu and can launch it from that like any other app. Here’s a link to the forum thread where I learned how to do it. Although the discussion pertains to Manjaro Gnome Linux, it should be adaptable to other distros.

Fair point, the problem is I dont use Linux that much and there seem to be so many variations on linux distros, and requests for different type of installers like FlatPak that it is very difficult to know the best approach to take, but I will read your thread and see if I can improve things.

I understand, and had read somewhere else in the forum where you explained this. Please don’t take it as a complaint - I very much appreciate the fact that you’ve created a version that runs on Linux, and, above all, that it works so well! Many thanks!