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Latest release not working on MS Server

I used to run the app without any problems on my Windows server. After I installed the 10.1 Pavement release it no longer works. In task manager it shows it as running but the app never opened.

Can you reboot and retry ?
Can you email the contents of C:\users\*username*\Jaikoz\Logs
I dont have Windows Server is this a version of Windows 10 or not ?

Hi Paul, I reboot, re-installed a few times - no luck. I have sent the logs as well. No, not Windows 10, Windows Server where I store my music collection. Regards, Charles

HI, there is nothing in the logs to indicate anything started. I will have to build a debug version you can try which will output logs on the command line if you run from the Cmd prompt (like the old Jaikoz.bat)

Thanks Paul. I appreciate your help and willingness to assist

Good morning Paul. I once again reboot, launched the app and waited. After a very long time…voila! It is up and running :grinning:

Okay well thats good, actually I have been having problem modifying the installer to provide console as there seems to be a bug with the new Java installer software that Im now using with Jaikoz.