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Last question hopefully... Preferred Media formats and more

I have choosen “Preferred Media formats” as CD and Digital releases.
When i try to tag a very common album it chooses casette.
Is it becuse i have enabled “preferred release date” as “earliest release date”?
Can i fix this? I dont want ANY of my songs to be choosen as casette

What artist sort should i use? Albumartitsort gets Tyler Bates in folder T but names the artist folder as Bates, Tyler when using this:
ifnotempty2(albumartist.substring(0,1),artist.substring(0,1),'/') + ifnotempty2(albumartistsort,artist,'')


Probably, SongKong finds matching albums, often there are multiple versions that match all the tracks. SongKong then uses user preferences to boost the score of each track if it matches user preferences, so if earliest release and you have that checked that will boost score as will matching media type.

But I rarely find matches to cassette so maybe it is actually only the cassette version that matches your track list, perhaps your track lengths are not quite correct and only the cassette version doesn’t have track lengths stored in database so it is the only match not getting rejected.

If you run Create Support Files and point me towards the problem album I can check this for you.

There is no way to say never match cassette because users would usually prefer a match rather than no match at all.

Sort fields are usually just used by media players to sort songs in sensible order but not used for displaying the values.

In your rename mask I would swap it round so indexed under B, but named as Tyler Bates

Ok i understand the casette tag. I can live with that.

But i dont understand what you mean by " In your rename mask I would swap it round so indexed under B , but named as Tyler Bates"
This is how it looks in windows:

I would change to it to this:

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Thank you so much!
I’ll try this!

For anyone else looking for this. The correct string for me was:

+ ifnotempty2(albumartist,artist,'')
+ '/'
+ ifnotempty2(albumartist,artist,' - ')
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