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Language Translations

Jaikoz is fully internationalized - this means all the console messages, button labels, column titles and menus are held stored in a file seperate from the main program, and there can be different files for each language, these files are called property files

Jaikoz comes with an English and a Spanish property file, I do not have the expertise to accurately convert Jaikoz into other languages but it can be easily done if you have language skills without any programming skills.

So I propose the following, if you are a native speaker of another language and would like Jaikoz to be converted to another language send an email to the usual address with details

I will create an automatic translation (using google translate) to your language plus provide a program that allows you to compare the english and new language versions. Then you need to verify/correct the translation and send the corrected file back to me. I will then make this available in the next release of Jaikoz and credit you with the translation.

I expect to provide more details of this once we have a few translations under way.

If anyone has any other ideas/comments feel free to post them

How many tags are there in the properties file? I could offer Russian if it is not too many.

Hi, there are quite a few (857), however many are quite similar. I could automatically translate it myself, but would like somebody to proof-read /check it more releasing it officially. You can see the what is to be translated by looking at in a text editor, would you like me to provide a Russian translation ?

These are the sketched out instructions for doing a language translation:

Let me know what language you would like to translate and I will provide an auto-translated for your language. This gives a reasonable starting point so it should take less of your time.

I will send you the latest default file and the file for your language, the example instructions below uses Dutch.

Replace in your installation with the one attached
Also copy to the same location

Download file and install by unzipping to your folder of choice.
Double clickon prbeditor-0.9.7_1.jar, it should start automatically
From the Dialog select ‘Open Resource File’
Then select from within the Jaikoz Installation Folder
And select only the Dutch Locale
This will load all the properties key with their (Default) english in one column and the Dutch value in the next column

You can now type in the values as required and correct the values, you don’t have to supply every value to use the file.
One thing to be careful of is some of the values contain parameters, these are of the form {0}.{1},{2}… You must ensure the same number of parameters are passed to the Russian language strings in order for it to be correct.

You can save changes with select ‘File/Save’ option
Now if you start Jaikoz and select ‘Settings/Language Settings’ you can select Dutch, and it will start using the values in the Dutch properties file, if a value doesnt exist it will use the default (English) value.

When you are happy with it you can send me the file and I will put it into the next release of Jaikoz,

You will be credited in the acknowledgements section of Jaikoz. I am also considering the possibility of sharing the the revenues of Sales that come from your country, but this isnt definite yet.

thanks Paul


Translated the menu and some other texts though not the full locale. Just sent it to the Jthink folks. Hope this helps. If anyone’s willing to continue…

:mrgreen: Termi

Thanks, yes the post referred to the german properties file

Is there a working dutch translation already? If not I’ll work on it…

Hi, thanks somebody else did offer to do a ducth translation for me but I dont think they got very far. I am moving a few things around in the translation files to make things easier so I think it might be best to wait for the next release which will be sometime in January before starting.

I can translate into French.


that would be great, please follow the instructions earlier in the post to make a start and contact me if you have any problems/recommendations.

Does anyone could translate Jaikoz for Mac OS X in French? If yes, thank you to tell us … Bravo to this program.

I’d be happy to proof-read an italian translation. :slight_smile:

This is a very old thread – are you still looking for translations? My wife is interested in translating Jaikoz to Japanese.

Ooh yes that would be great, please see

Jaikoz does support Japanese Unicode.