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Labeling Songs options not working

I am not really understanding how SongKong is labeling songs

I have the following option set for Multi Disc Releases:
Never add Disc No Information to the release title but SongKong seems to still add this

Example in my unmodified folder I have 36 songs from 3 CDs (a compliation).
In the original folder song is labeled:
18 - The Power of Love.mp3

After running songkong it now displays:
Air Supply - Forever Love (Compilation) - 01 - 18 - The Power of Love (You Are My Lady).mp3

  1. it added the 01 to reflect it came from the first CD which I did not want added

  2. I did not have “add EP, Single, Compilation, Live and Remix release types to release title” and yet as you can see in the title (compliation) was added

  1. You are confusing field metadata and filenamed here, the option apply to the Album field, the DiscNo has not been added to the Album field. The DiscNo is in the filename because you have enabled Basic:Rename Filename from Metadata option and are using a rename mask that includes the DiscNo, your rename mask is selected on the Filenaming tab. Actually there are two renaming masks, one for non-compilations and one for compilations, since this seems to be a compilation it will be using the Compilation Rename Mask

  2. The compilation mask in use is probably the reason why Compilation is shown in the album, I dont have enough evidence to say for sure, however the add EP, Single, Compilation, Live and Remix release types to release title option does work correctly. Another reason may be that you used it before, and have now switched it off but you have set another option to prevent SongKong reprocessing the file.