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Label information in Grouping tag


It’s common practice for DJs to put the Label name in the Grouping tag. Traktor even calls the ‘Grouping’ tag ‘Label’. Label information is very important for DJs as labels often have a quite consistent style, and being able to save it in the Grouping label would fix my Label workflow for Traktor.

Is it possible to tell Jaikoz to save Label information in the Grouping tag? If not, it would be extremely helpful to have Jaikoz fix this as well.


I need more information before considering such an option, why don’t you use the Label field to store the record label ?

In the meantime you can quite painlessly move all values from the Label column to the Grouping column as follows:

Drag Label column to the right of the Grouping column.
Right click on Grouping header and select Empty Column
Select fields in both Label and Grouping column
Select Edit:Append to Left

For each row the value in the right field is copied to the corresponding value in the left field.

I analysed how Traktor works more closely and it doesn’t read the Grouping tag as Label. My bad. I incorrectly assumed that because of the behaviour of my previous tagger, iBatch for iTunes, which used to save Label information in both its tag and in Grouping

Thanks anyway! :slight_smile: