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Kinda confused about the license

I bought a Pro license a while ago, and still have the little file… today I bought a year of upgrades to get the version 10 that came out last month. I had to reinstall windows and all my programs, and can’t figure out how to apply the license to the Jaikoz tagger now.

The help instructions say to open a path, but I can’t find where to do this.

Hi, if its a new install you install your origianl Pro license by

  1. Unzip to get a license.jai file and save to your hard drive
  2. Start Jaikoz
  3. Select File:Update License
  4. Select the license.jai file

The version updates is applied and checked on server so if you already have Pro license installed all you have to do to apply version updates is restart Jaikoz, your license will be checked against server each time you start Jaikoz.