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Jiakoz Rename Mask Truncates last character of Song Title

How is this fixed: The last letter of the Song Title is missing using
the following Rename Mask
%artist% - %album% - %trackno%. %title%.
The song title is truncated by omitting the last letter in the song title
eg The following filename:
Al Green - I’m Still in Love With You - 01. I’m Still in Love With You.WAV
gives: I’m Still in Love With Yo The u for You is missing.

The Rename Mask was made as follows: File/Preferences/File and Folder Correct/Correct Metadata from filenames/Rename Mask.
It was used to Correct Metadata from Filenames as follows: Action/File and Folder Correct/Correct Metadata From Filenames.

Initially when the Rename Mask was made, the period at the end was not included. The Song Title generated included the .WAV
eg I’m Still in Love With You.WAV.
I rewrote it several times and got the same result. Then I added the period to the end of that Rename Mask which resulted in the truncation of the last character of the Song Title.
Today I had to retype that Remake Mask and excluded the Period at the end, and behold,
The Song Title was perfect! Can’t explain it

I didn’t notice the periods when first read the question. But the period (full stop in English) is used in filenames to separate the file type from file name, it really is not a good idea to use full stops anywhere else in a filename. So you may have confused Jaikoz here, but it really is a bad idea to use full stops in the rename mask.

Thanks for your answer, I will avoid the full stop in future. Doing better with the Remake Mask.