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Jaikozdb - what's it contain and can it be deleted

My jaikoz.db is fast approaching 6 Gb in size and I have a MBPro with a non-upgradeable SSHD

If I can safely delete this Database and let it start to grow again, I would like to do so.

Hi, yes the Jaikoz database is for two things:

1.It keeps a cache of the metadata of files as they are loaded so that if you open the same files again subsequently then Jaikzo can quickly load them from cache instead of having to read the actual files (its checks the files modofocation date to ensure file has not been updated since cached by Jaikzo)

2.It keeps a cache of artists and albunacks downloaded from Albunack

It can be deleted at any time using Advanced:empty Cache to free up space, and the only effect would be to initially slow things down as files a re reread and albums redownloaded as required.

You can also modify the location of the database file at General:Database Folder, Jaikoz should swap to use this new location on restart,

You can then manually delete the old Jaikoz database file, note this is the jaikozdb folder within the Jaikoz folder not the Jaikoz folder itself.