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Jaikoz X - Technical Roadmap

Please see and get involved and comment on the blog.

Just curious if there’s any more news on a Jaikoz X release date. :slight_smile:

Not yet.

is there any other information regarding Jaikoz X. release date

Not really, by the Summer hopefully.

Two months since the last post almost. Just thought I’d ask if there was anything new to tell us about? Do you already have a set testing team or might you be accepting applications or something in the future?

Thank You for reading this and your time and effort previously put into this program…

Any news?

No not yet.

It’s been just about a year since the initial post here.

SongKong continues to get frequent updates; yet nothing for Jaikoz.

Paid Jaikoz users would appreciate some update other than “no not yet”.

If the answer is that you’re abandoming the product, please simply let people know.

Hi arby,

Yes Im disappointed I havent managed a new release yet, it is just that SongKong keeps getting my attention, mainly for work I needed to do for Melco.

But I did spend some time on Jaikoz a couple of weeks ago, and I really do expect to have a new version out (but not the Jaikzo X release yet), Jaikoz certainly has not been abandoned !