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jaikoz vs songkong

if i wanted to erase a my musics metadata and use the acoustic id to re enter it…which program does the better job?

I’m not sure that removing all your metadata is a good idea. Some of your songs may have a match in Musicbrainz, but not an acoustid to musicbrainz link so will not be matchable by just acoustid. Also Acoustid can only accurately identify the song, but many songs are available on multiple releases and Acoustids in themselves do not help identify the best release to pick.

Both Jaikoz and SongKong use Acoustids AND metadata to achieve the best match, if you remove all metadata then the only metadata that could be used is the name of the folder that the songs are in , a starting assumption is made that songs in the same folder are from the same release.

Having said all that, currently SongKong does a better job then Jaikoz because it does not suffer from the memory limitations that Jaikoz has, and the matching algorithm has been tweaked with some improvements that are not yet in Jaikoz (but will be). But you cannot use SongKong to erase your existing metadata and you have access to less matching options.

I have Jaikoz at this time. And the issue I have is after auto correcting about 500 songs 30 or so are wrong. And they were correct before.

I thought the acusticid worked like SHAZAM which always ID’s them correctly.

So I was hoping that songkong worked like that

Well Acoustid is always correct like Shazam as far as it goes. But if the actual same recording is on two releases how can Acoustid (or Shazam) tell you which on it should be on, as you can see that is impossible.

But if you remove all the metadata then SongKong will work just from Acoustids so it will work as you require, but as Ive said it might not get the best album.

Best to try it out and see I think.

just to clarify when I say identified incorrectly I am not referring to the details of release dates or albums. It incorrectly identifies the name of the artist and title of the song.

So what i would like to know is will Song Kong make the same mistakes?

No, I would say not.

I got around to running the songkong demo.
It started loading songs very quickly, up to about 250 than then got progressively slower. It took a LONG time to load all 852.

The computer ran very hard for over forty minutes to gather the acoustic fingerprints.

and that is all it did. 2 hours later no other process ran or updated

Hi, so unlike Jaikoz you dont have to load all songs before start matching, once a folder has been loaded it can be checked so its not unusual for the song loading to take a while, and it is correct that as soon as you start loading files it should start getting acoustids.

However it should then start matching songs to Musicbrainz and Discogs and then eventually allow you to open a report in your browser.

Whilst matching is going on there is a progress window showing how far it is doing with the various tasks, was there no progress on the matching indicators ?

Did it eventually finish, or did you just stop it, and if you stopped it did you open the report ?

Could email me your support files (Advanced/Create Support Files) so can I try and work out what the problem is ?

So which one is better? I’m a dj so I need to do well over 10,000 songs and I just found out about both of these programs, but I don’t really understand the advantage of one vs. the other. Can someone break down the differences or state why one is better over the other?


It would be good to get some opinions from our customers but as the developer I would say it depends on you, neither are better they are just different.

Both have free trials so I urge you to try them out and see what you think

But to summarize SongKong is easier to use and will take less of your time, Jaikoz has more features and offers more control but as such it is more complex. So for most people I would recommend to try SongKong first, and only if that doesnt provide what you need to try Jaikoz. Some customers find that it is useful to have both SongKong and Jaikoz depending on what they want to do.

If you want something that just works out of the box, and you don’t have any special needs, then I would go with SongKong. If you like to tinker with all the fields and all the settings and are a little more computer savvy, then I would consider Jaikoz.

Thanks for the replies,

I’m going to try both and see which one works better for me.

paultaylor - I like the look of Jaikoz as it allows me to see all the information before, during and after. It didn’t find a lot of my music but I still bought the software as it will save me a lot time in the long run.

Okay, great glad you found it useful.

The thing about Jaikoz is that it seems it prefers the metadata for matching to MusicBrainz over the fingerprint/acoustid.

That’s bad. Very bad. Because by default the autocorrect appears to replace the metadata with calculated metadata from the filenames and folders.

If those files or folders are named incorrectly, or Jaikoz is confused by the naming, or if the metadata itself is wrong, then I think Jaikoz will associate with the wrong musicbrainz recording, overwrite all the metadata (including any metadata that’s correct), and rewrite the filename with the wrong artist and author. The only way to know which songs are correct or wrong is to listen to them all one by one, or delete all metadata.

What Jaikoz should do is always use the fingerprint or acoustid id to find a musicbrainz release, then do additional searches to find all other versions of that song, and finally use metadata to determine which of those songs is the best match.

Hi Brent, your summary is actually incorrect.

The first thing to realize is that where there is a match fingerprints are great for finding the correct song, but they are not much help for finding the correct release because the exact same recordng can be on many releases.

Secondly Jaikoz only matches songs on a song by song basis as a last resort, in the first instance it groups songs by folder (as the majority of users organize their music one folder per album) and/or metadata (because some do not, and sometimes music has not be organized at all).

So processing is done in groups, fingerprints are checked for all songs in the group and then we try to find an album that contains the songs that the fingerprints matched to, if there is no matching fingerprinting for a song we rely on metadata. If there are multiple releases that have a match for every song, we take the release which best matches existing metadata and users personal preferences such as Preferred Release Country.

If no release match is found and you don’t have Preferences:Remote Correct:Match:Only match complete releases enabled then Jaikoz will resort to song by song matching, but if the song can match by acoustid there are checks to ensure it doesnt match to a song by metadata whihc is different to the acoustid match, i.e the alkbum could be different but it must match by songname.

So, maybe you have hit a bug but that is how it is supposed to work. If you could a new topic on the forum giving an example of a bad match I can look into it further.

Sorry to jump into a dorming thread, but I have a similar issue the BrentNewland’ one:

  • files in folders by album (e.g. Bravo Hits Vol. 17)
  • artist / title tagged from file name
  • acoustid calculated in Mediamonkey (script)

What I want:

  • Give me for each song that MATCHES musicbrainz acoustid the one with the EARLIEST year
  • for this match, update onyl artist / title / year

Is that possible with Jaikoz?

Yes it can essentially do that

Go into Preferences:Musicbrainz:Format and Format 2 and disable modifying all fields except artist/title/year.

On Preferences:Musicbrainz:Format enable Put original Year into Year field

On Preferences:Musicbrainz:Automatch enable Do extra searches to find Musicbrainz Ids and enable Do not Update from Discogs when matching.

Then run Action:Remote Correct:Autocorrect Metadata from MusicBrainz

This should do what you want but it is worth noting a few things:

  1. Just because a song has an acoustid it doesn’t mean that acoustid matches any Musicbrainz Ids

  2. Dates are not associated with songs (recordings) but the releases that the songs are found on.

  3. Jaikoz does various additional searches to try and find the earliest version of a song (the earliest date of a release that the song was found on), but the Musicbrainz api doesn’t make this very easy to do. However in the new locally hosted Musicbrainz database I am working on, the earliest date is precalculated within the database so when Jaikzo uses this it vcan easily get the earliest year. A new version of SongKong using this database should be available within a week, and Jaikoz wil be ready in about a month.