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Jaikoz versus SongKong

When considering SongKong or Jaikoz I would say the key differences are:

-SongKong also has a web interface so can be used on headless linux and nas devices
-SongKong only requires memory for the folders it is actually processing so does not use more memory for larger libraries and can therefore be used for libraries of any size
-SongKong has an Undo feature that can be used after files have been saved
-SongKong is simple to use with only a few main (but configurable) tasks.

-Jaikoz looks like more like a regular tag editor
-Jaikoz is more flexible when matching with extra tasks such as Match to One MusicBrainz Album and Semi-automated match
-Jaikoz has much better manual editing than SongKong and alllows import of metadata from spreadsheet
-Jaikoz lets you check the results before saving

The most important feature that they both have in common is that you can point Fix Songs/Autocorrect to your whole collection and it will identify the songs and the correct albums whereas most other taggers applications only let you do this one album at a time

In summary SongKong is better for fully automated matching and can be used on more platforms, Jaikoz allows more customization, control and manual editing. For my own music collection by default I use SongKong, but use Jaikoz for situations that SongKong cannot resolve. Many customers have both applications.

Below we have created a table detailing support for key features

Feature SongKong 8.3 Jaikoz 11.4
MacOS Yes Yes
Windows Yes Yes
Linux Yes Yes
Linux Headless Yes No
Qnap Yes No
Synology Yes No
Unraid Yes No
Melco Yes No
Docker Yes No
User Interface
Desktop Yes Yes
Web Yes No
Command Line Yes No
Dark Mode Yes Yes
Song Matching
MusicBrainz Yes Yes
MusicBrainz One Album No Yes
MusicBrainz Specified Album No Yes
MusicBrainz Semi Automated Match No Yes
Discogs Yes Yes
Discogs One Album No Yes
Discogs Specified Album No Yes
Acoustid Yes Yes
Acoustid Albums Yes No
Naim Wav Metadata Files Yes No
Cover Art Archive Yes Yes Yes Yes
Discogs Yes Yes
Artist Artwork Yes No
Modify over 100 fields Yes Yes
Support for Roon fields Yes Yes
Support for AcousticBrainz fields Yes Yes
Classical Music Configure Yes Yes
Genre Configure Yes Yes
Identify HD releases Yes Yes
Identify Classical releases Yes Yes
Use standard artist name option Yes Yes
Use standard album name option Yes Yes
File Renaming
Scriptable flexible File Renaming Yes Yes
File Rename mask can be saved Yes Yes
Delete Duplicates
Delete by Metadata Yes No
Delete by MusicBrainz Ids Yes Yes
Delete by AcoustIds Yes Yes
Decide which duplicate to Delete Yes No
Check duplicates within single audio format Yes No
Multiple Cpu Support Yes Yes
Unlimited no of Files processed Yes No
iTunes Integration Yes Yes
Apple Music Integration Yes Yes
Roon Integration Yes Yes
Naim Integration Yes No
MinimServer Integration Yes Yes
Audio Format Support
Mp3 Yes Yes
M4a Yes Yes
Mp4 Yes Yes
Flac Yes Yes
Ogg Yes Yes
Aif Yes Yes
Wav Yes Yes
Dsf Yes Yes
Wma Yes Yes
Undo facility after Save Yes No
Review before Save No Yes
Auto Monitor Folder Yes No
Import Metadata from Spreadsheet No Yes
Manual Edit
Basic Editing of fields Yes Yes
Local Autocorrect No Yes
Swap Columns No Yes
Remove Whitespace No Yes
Remove Widespace No Yes
Capitalizer No Yes
Paste to Start/End No Yes
Prepend to Left/Right No Yes
Status Report Yes No
Spreadsheet Report Yes No
Missing Songs Report No Yes
Techical Support
User Forum Yes Yes
Public Bug Tracker Yes Yes
Send Logs Yes Yes
Send Reports Yes No
Text Fields that can be autoadded
AcoustId Fingerprint Yes Yes
AcoustId Id Yes Yes
Album Yes Yes
Album Artist Yes Yes
Album Artist Sort Yes Yes
Album Artists Yes Yes
Album Artists Sort Yes Yes
Album Version Yes Yes
Album Year Yes Yes
Arranger Yes Yes
Arranger Sort Yes Yes
Artist Yes Yes
Artist Sort Yes Yes
Artists Yes Yes
Artists_Sort Yes Yes
ASIN Yes Yes
Barcode Yes Yes
BPM Yes Yes
Catalog Number Yes Yes
Choir Yes Yes
Choir Sort Yes Yes
Classical Catalog Yes Yes
Classical Nickname Yes Yes
Composer Yes Yes
Composer Sort Yes Yes
Conductor Yes Yes
Conductor Sort Yes Yes
Country Yes Yes
Disc Number Yes Yes
Disc Subtitle Yes Yes
Discogs Artist Site URL Yes Yes
Discogs Release Site URL Yes Yes
DJ Mixer Yes Yes
DJ Mixer Sort Yes Yes
Engineer Yes Yes
Engineer Sort Yes Yes
Ensemble Yes Yes
Ensemble Sort Yes Yes
Genre Yes Yes
Grouping Yes Yes
Instrument Yes Yes
Involved People Yes Yes
ISRC Yes Yes
Is Classical Yes Yes
Is Compilation Yes Yes
Is Greatest Hits Yes Yes
Is Live Yes Yes
Is Soundtrack Yes Yes
Key Yes Yes
Label Yes Yes
Language Yes Yes
Lyricist Yes Yes
Media Yes Yes
Mixer Yes Yes
Mixer Sort Yes Yes
Mood Yes Yes
Mood Aggressive Yes Yes
Mood Relaxed Yes Yes
Mood Sad Yes Yes
Mood Happy Yes Yes
Mood Party Yes Yes
Mood Danceability Yes Yes
Mood Acoustic Yes Yes
Mood Electronic Yes Yes
Mood Instrumental Yes Yes
Movement Yes Yes
Movement No Yes Yes
Movement Total Yes Yes
MusicBrainz Artist Id Yes Yes
MusicBrainz Disc Id Yes Yes
MusicBrainz Original Release Id Yes Yes
MusicBrainz Release Artist Id Yes Yes
MusicBrainz Release Group Id Yes Yes
MusicBrainz Release Id Yes Yes
MusicBrainz Track Id Yes Yes
MusicBrainz Work Id Yes Yes
MusicBrainz Work Composition Yes Yes
MusicBrainz Work Composition Id Yes Yes
MusicBrainz Work Part LevelN N Yes Yes
MusicBrainz Work Part LevelN Type N Type Yes Yes
MusicBrainz Work Part LevelN Id Yes Yes
MusicBrainz Work Yes Yes
Official Artist Site URL Yes Yes
Opus Yes Yes
Orchestra Yes Yes
Orchestra Sort Yes Yes
Official Release Site URL Yes Yes
Original Album Yes Yes
Original Album Year Yes Yes
Original Artist Yes Yes
Original Lyricist Yes Yes
Original Year Yes Yes
Overall Work Yes Yes
Part Number Yes Yes
Part Type Yes Yes
Performer Yes Yes
Performer Name Yes Yes
Performer Name Sort Yes Yes
Producer Yes Yes
Producer Sort Yes Yes
Recording Start Date Yes Yes
Recording End Date Yes Yes
Recording Location Yes Yes
Release Country Yes Yes
Release Status Yes Yes
Release Type Yes Yes
Remixer Yes Yes
Script Yes Yes
Section Yes Yes
Single Disc Track No Yes Yes
Subtitle Yes Yes
Tags Yes Yes
Title Yes Yes
Tonality Yes Yes
Total Discs Yes Yes
Total Tracks Yes Yes
Track Number Yes Yes
Wikipedia Artist Site URL Yes Yes
Wikipedia Release Site URL Yes Yes
Work Yes Yes
Work Type Yes Yes
Year Yes Yes

Jaikoz vs Songbong

My only concern when it come to Latin music
Like salsa - bachata- son- Latin jazz - merengue both software are extremely limited to find those style.

This has been updated and published on the main site as