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Jaikoz Unusable Due to Screen Corruption

Jaikoz becomes unusable due to screen corruption. See attached screen shot below for an example - it can get a lot worse than that.

  • Running Jaikoz 11.6.2, had same problems on 11.6 (actually had the problem in October of '22 when I first updated off of 10 to whatever version was current then but didn’t have the time to look at it in depth until now).
  • Windows 10, OS Build 19044.2486 (latest) with latest patches applied
  • No local Java installed.
  • Graphics Driver: Nvidia 522.30 (tried updating, did not help)
  • Running a 2 monitor setup, both 1920x1200.


  1. Starts every time as soon as I try to use Jaikoz after launching Jaikoz
  2. Simply passing the mouse over the screen causes the corruption. Selecting any menu then leaves artifacts of that menu that stay even after you try to do something else.
  3. If I start Jaikoz on one monitor, then drag it to the second monitor, Jaikoz will work for a bit with no corruption. But after processing an album or so (e.g., using Jaikoz for a bit), the same corruption starts to appear regardless of which monitor I use.
  4. If I switch Jaikoz from full-screen to windowed/minimized and back, it clears up the corruption. But as soon as I try to pass the mouse over Jaikoz, it corrupts again with new artifacts.
  5. Corruption happens over main Jaikoz window as well as any Jaikoz dialogs that show up (file open, directory select, etc).
  6. Notably, corruption for dialogs stays within the dialog boundaries.
  7. Rebooting the system did not help.
  8. No other application on my system has ever had this type of problem. In fact the system is extremely stable and can run for weeks at a time (I apply patches once a month).

Note: I edited the screen shot only to cover my email address

I suspect you are seeing problem because of dual monitor setup, please check:

  1. If you go to a single screen setup is it okay?
  2. If you have two screens but only use on one screen is it ok?

If so why is this happening only since upgrading from Jaikoz 10?

We moved to a later version of Java (Java 17) but I think moving to newer version would make it more likely to work on multi screen setups, we also swapped the Look and Feel from JGoodies to FlatLaf and I suspect this is where the problem lies, I can raise an issue with them if you can confirm the problem only occurs on multi screen setup.