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Jaikoz Translation tool

Any chance it could be put on a wish-list for a future update?

It would also be amazing if there were some sort of translation tool which either auto-translates, or just allows us to copy/paste for a quick translation. Just a thought :stuck_out_tongue:

Translation of what ?

I have encountered Japanese as well as Russian characters which are either matched from MB or existed in the metadata previously. I would like those characters to be turned magically into English.

So often there are different versions of a an album on MusicBrainz, in MusicBrainz speak multiple releases for one release group, with Japanese releases in particular it is quite common for there to be releases added with the tracks added in Japanese, and another with them added in English. Also MusicBrainz has a concept of psuedo releases with translieration

Original Release

Psuedo Release with English titles

This is quite a new thing in MusicBrainz, we dont yet support psuedo releases but it wil be added at siome point.

I think a general purpose translate tool whilst useful would be out of scope for this project