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Jaikoz super slow

More than an hour to fix 5 files. Currently have 12K files loaded, but I was only correcting and saving 5. I had already corrected the files, and was just saving them. I corrected the files, selected them, and pressed save. I put my laundry in and made dinner. The laundry timer went off, dinner was done - 1 hour and 12 minutes elapsed time … came back to my computer and Jaikoz was still on 4 of 5. I went searching in this forum for more information and couldn’t find anything more recent than 10-12 years ago … so started writing this. While writing, it finished.

This is consistent. I have a modern machine running Windows 10 with 64G memory. I’m running across the network (files on NAS) and just dragged all 12K files locally to see if the network is to blame.

What can I record / send to Jaikoz for insight? I’ve been a Jaikoz customer for many many years and never seen it this bad.

Thanks in advance!

I would assume it is network so now you have copied files over locally how is it performing?

You can run Advanced:Create Support Files and email the zip file created, because that may show another reason for the slowness.

SO, I can confirm it is a network issue … but I can also say that copying files from a local drive to the network and vice versa is not slow. In fact, Jaikoz is the only super slow app I can find when the data is hosted on the network. Adobe Lightroom is notorious for having problems with NAS drives, and it’s working fine with the data files on the NAS. I am curious, however, as to what Jaikoz is doing that makes for such a slow connection.


When saving some formats the whole file has to be written and this is significantly slower than locally, however we are only talking about a few seconds per file. So the behaviour you are seeing is not normal, but you haven’t sent me the support files yet so until i receive these I cannot help further.