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Jaikoz startup problem

Greetings all, installed, updated pro key and ran fine for 16 hours or so. upon restart of computer, Jaikoz no longer starts. Can actually see it start and disappear via processes in task manager. I never get the program window to show up at all. I have tried deleting settings.jai, settingsdefaults.jai, to no avail. I then get an error that its unable to find configuration file. Have also uninstalled multiple times with Revo uninstaller pro and did a deep scan deleting associated registry files. Also uninstalled the original Java that was installed on my machine in hopes that Java was causing the issue since Jaikoz installs Java. Any ideas? As I said, ran fine 16+ hours but as soon as I restarted, no dice. Windows 10 Pro 64-bit.

Hi please open a CMD window, and try running Jaikoz.bat from the command line and then post the output.